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Learn how you can make money investing in bitcoin

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How Do The Bitcoin Exchanges Function

Simply put: they are just like physical currency or stock market exchanges. You are basically buying the one cryptocurrency with another hard currency. The value of a nation’s hard currency relative to the country’s economic and financial worth, and this is ever more true since countries moved away from the gold standard. In the U.S. for example, the relative value of USD is more than the Thai Baht because of the differences between the two countries’ economic health and their total value – so you can buy a lot of Thai Baht for your dollars – about 30 of them in fact.

The same is kind of true for the Bitcoin, except that its intrinsic value is related to its scarcity and the work that is put into “mining” them and not from the domestic wealth of a sovereign nation. So essentially,  it can be traded like a commodity or currency, with a relative value to other currencies based on scarcity and of course sentiment. In this way it is not a different than trading Gold or futures on wheat. You know it is in limited supply because nobody can just print more Bitcoin, and the price moves with sentiment on what people think it will be worth in the future.

So How Do You make Money With Bitcoin

That said, exchanges like Mt. Gox act as intermediaries for currency transactions, converting wealth from Bitcoin to US dollars to other national currencies, back to dollars or Bitcoin. And that’s how you make money. By exploiting the constantly shifting relative values of various currencies, savvy investors can make a tidy sum simply from moving money around these markets, in a process known as arbitrage. But they can lose it just as easily.

How to Become a Player in the Bitcoin Market

So, even knowing the risks involved you still want to foray into the Bitcoin Market. There are a number of ways of doing so, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Mine It: The easiest—but slowest—way into Bitcoin is to mine it. Set up a dedicated computer to do nothing but decrypt Bitcoin blocks, install some Bitcoin-mining software and let it do its thing. Again, doing so on a mid-range desktop could take upwards of a year or more to fully decrypt a single block. That’s not going to be worth the time or effort.

If you want your coins faster, it’s going to cost you; purpose-built mining rigs start around a few thousand, like the $2,400 128 GHs Bitcoin Miner from Advance Mining Technology, and only go up from there. You can also build your own rig, however mining cards such as theMonarch BPU 300 C from Butterfly Labs aren’t much cheaper.

Basically, mining Bitcoin has gotten to the point that it’s almost impossible to recoup your investment. So maybe you’re better off not going it alone.

Gang Up: You can also join a mining pool. These Internet-connected computer clusters break the work of a block into pieces that are shared among the group. Once the block is decrypted, the resulting Bitcoin is doled out according to how much work your rig contributed. There are a number of variations to this basic model, however, depending on how the pool is set up. has an expansive listing of popular mining pools with explanations of how each operates, pays out, and taxes users for their participation.

The level of security among pools also varies greatly, from simply requiring a BTC username to requiring a 2-Step Google Authenticator code before paying out. Luckily, given the anonymous nature of Bitcoin, you generally won’t have to include any personable, stealable, information. Still, money and complete strangers can be a particularly combustible situation.


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OIL Surges For a Fourth Day | Updates from

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ATPLogo_2OIL Surges For a Fourth Day
By | Posted 04 Feb 2015
For Tuesday, February 03, there were four main themes at play which moved prices in various sectors.

Firstly, OIL surged for a fourth day looking now like a bull market as the price corrects after a huge decline. Prices are down 50% from last June as the large operators have now cut spending (BP, Royal Dutch Shell) by lowered budgets. OIL is sitting at 51.54 at the moment as prominent experts in the field feel price will not go over $60.00.

Secondly, Greek sentiment improved with innovative “bridge financing” propositions and a back down demand for debt write-off therefore easing concerns over a Greek withdrawal from the Euro Zone. The Euro responded immediately and reached its highest levels since January 22. The US Dollar Index was hammered with the Euro strength along with poor U.S. Factory Order numbers released during the US session.

Thirdly, Stocks around the globe surged on the OIL price move and improved Greek relations with the ECB. The DOW closed up over 300 points as the mood on Wall Street was optimistic. Small cap stocks also showed gains (Russell 2000 up 1.8%) Canada’s TSX was up as the Energy Sector rose, along with Europea Stock Markets showing good gains across the board.

Finally, Earlier in the trading day Australia cut its Interest Rates as many economists suspected RBA Stevens would do. This rate cut (now 2,25 %) will have the US Federal Reserve thinking about changing its “raising of rates” as the Global economy is slowing down. Actually the Aussie Dollar had a remarkable recovery finishing the day where is opened.

Gold weakened $13.00 amid belief of lessening Global Risk especially in the Euro Zone. Investors and Traders wait for Friday’s all important non Farm Payrolls report from the United States to determine the strength of recovery in the Labor Market. This number, analysts expect increase of 234,000 jobs, could determine when and if the Fed’s Janet Yellen will raise interest rates.

News releases for Wednesday Feb. 04: New Zealand Unemployment rate Gov. Wheeler speaks Great Britain Services PMI (economic health) United States ADP (payroll company’s employment figures) ISM Manufacturing (indicates expansion or contraction) Canada Ivey PMI (indicates expansion or contraction). From atpartnerships.vic

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The Right Furniture Can Set Of Your Interior Design

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Making Your Home Look Nice With Great Interior Design Tips

If you’re ready to change your space but unsure about a starting spot, this article will help. It can be beneficial to consult with people who know what they are doing when it comes to planning. You will find some helpful tips here in this article.

When designing a room, be sure to choose a proper color scheme. You can find advice on what colors you should never combine online and in decorating magazines if you are not sure. It also helps to avoid the over-use of bold color in a room.

Create functional space when you are designing a home office. It is very vital to consider the lighting in a work space. The area has to be conducive to work. You will spend a lot of time here. Once you are sure the space will be properly set up for work, you can start thinking about how to make it visually appealing.

Save some money on your home renovation project by searching for excellent high-cost equivalents that you can purchase from mass merchants. Purchasing decor from a high-end designer can cost lots of money. However, you can typically find similar items without having the brand name of the designer for much cheaper. If you can’t find something similar, than splurge, but don’t do it with every piece.

When you are designing a smaller room you should use furniture that has many uses. For example, try ottomans instead of sofas or chairs. You can use an ottoman as a seat or a table, dependent on the need at the time. Using items that have dual purposes help you make the most of a small space.

Take time to think about the amount of money you have to spend before you initiate a project. It’s a terrible thing to start a project you can’t afford. Proper budgeting will make the design process much less stressful.

Let your children make some of the decisions regarding the design of their own bedrooms. Keep in mind that a child does not see a room in the same way that you see it. Ascertain that they can access everything easily. Look at it as your kid would and get rid of possible hazards.

You may think that interior design requires a lot of money and time, but this is not the case. If you are patient and like to plan, you can do a lot with your home in any time frame and budget. Take the tips you have learned here and use them to create the home of your dreams!

Buy your sofas in Sydney from the manufacturer ChiiliPip

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The Benefits of Tailgating Security Systems for Gyms

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The Benefits of Tailgating Security Systems for Gyms

When it comes to upholding the integrity of your gym, nothing should be more of a priority than your gym members. They will be signing up daily, monthly and yearly to make the most of your health-boosting gym equipment, but what happens if your members try to pull a fast one and exploit a potential weakness in your system? This is most commonly known as tailgating and it involves a member providing someone else their access card so that they can gain entry and use your gym equipment, even if they haven’t paid your membership fee.

This type of security breach is most commonly referred to as tailgating, but it has been called piggybacking too and it’s actually one of the most common activities that take place amongst gym members and their friends outside. Fortunately, there are several new techniques that have been introduced by the security industry to deter this incident from taking place, as well as blocking it all together.

The way that these advanced tailgating security systems work is that they will utilize two key tools to identify whether or not the person using the gym equipment is the owner of the membership. The first is method is via a random spot-check that focuses on the identifying features of the individuals face, without invading their privacy. The results will be cross-referenced with the image that has been stored within the data of the membership card and then if a match is found, no further action is needed. If a fault has been spotted however, then the system will notify you immediately and you will be able to take action.

The second method employed by the tailgating security system is to track an individual member’s activities. These will typically be via utilizing access control points, or by making use of machine control systems that keep track of the times that particular exercise machines are used. These types of access controls are ideal if your gym is open for 24 hours a day, as the card can allow and restrict permissions based on time, usage and so on. If it turns out that your actual member uses the gym in the early hours of the morning, but another user has been accessing other machines a few hours later when your actual member has left the premises, then you will be alerted and be able to deal with the incident.

Although there are still methods in which members can exploit the ability to tailgate, the possibilities are drastically reduced with a properly installed security system. If you are concerned about your system not running efficiently, or if you have an alarm system put in to place that doesn’t seem to be alerting you of potential tailgating attempts, then it’s a good idea to seek advice regarding an alarm repair service, or consider a re-installation of your security system to ensure that your tailgating security is running at its full potential. From

AT Partnerships – All Your Questions Answered

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AT Partnerships scams

Who is AT Partnerships?

AT Partnerships stands for Advanced Trading Partnerships. We specialise in generating passive returns for our members through Gold, Oil and Foreign Exchange markets. Learn more.

AT Partnerships stands for Advanced Trading Partnerships. We aim to achieve superior returns for our clients through a diversified selection of markets. Best of all we offer a passive return, with no time or effort on your behalf.

I have never traded anything before, do I need experience?

Zero experience is required! AT Partnerships services are geared towards people who have never traded or know very little about trading. After all, isn’t it better left to the experts?

Limited, to no trading experience? Not to worry, that’s where AT Partnerships expertise come to the rescue.  AT Partnerships services are prominently tailored towards clients with no previous trading experience.


What is the risk of losing my money?

AT Partnerships traders always trade at a low percentage of the account to minimise risk. We also have specific safeguards in place to reduce risks to investors, such as diversification opportunities and stop loss levels.

Always trading at a low percentage of the account, introducing diversification opportunities and stop loss levels are just a few examples of specific safeguards that are currently in place to help minimise risk for AT Partnership traders and investors.

What is an AFSL and why is it important for AT Partnerships to be a representative of one?

AFSL stands for Australian Financial Services Licence. Your bank will hold an AFSL licence to do business in financial services. Just about anyone can open a business and get an ABN (Australian Business Number); the fact that a business has an ABN does not offer any security whatsoever. (Your local corner shop, for example, holds an ABN.) The AT Partnerships is proudly an Australian Financial Services Authorised Representative. This is important to our clients because this means we are authorised to deal in financial products. Below are the classes of our licence:

AFSL stands for Australian Financial Services Licence. It is compulsory to be a holder of an AFSL License to be able conduct business in financial services. Obtaining an ABN (Australian Business Number) is seemingly accessible these days. The fact a business has an ABN doesn’t hold much creditability or offer any security. The AT Partnerships is proudly an AFSL authorised representative. This resonates highly with our clients because this means we are authorised to deal in financial products.  Below are the classes of our licence:



Provide general financial product advice only


Arrange for a person to deal in a financial product


Issue or vary a financial product


Apply for, acquire and dispose of financial products on another’s behalf.


What is an MDA License?

AT Partnerships operates a Managed Discretionary Account Service. This means that clients can invest in a particular strategy we offer and the investment manager or trader trades and invests the client’s capital on a discretionary basis. This means that the MDA manager can invest or trade on behalf of the client without going back to the client each time the MDA Manager seeks to make a trade. This arrangement may suit certain investment strategies and clients because trading opportunities may present themselves and then disappear without being able to obtain permission.

AT Partnerships operates a Managed Discretionary Account Service. As trading opportunities often present themselves and go quite quickly, most clients take kindly to fact that a MDA Manager is able to invest on their behalf, without having to constantly check in with them. Having the authority to do this allows the MDA Manager and client to take advantage of great trading prospects.


Below are the key points for Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) Service.


The assets are held in the client’s name at the execution and clearing broker (e.g. Axitrader)


Performance Fee’s based on Results – Performance is the key to the MDA Client relationship and our trading results are a testimony to our success. We do not take a performance fee if our strategies are not creating positive results.

We strive for the best results for our clients, hence we don’t charge a performance fee if our strategies fail to deliver progressive results.


Daily Statements: Clients have access to Daily and Monthly position statements for full transparency of their investment.


No Minimum Time Frames: There are no set time frames with managed accounts.


Access Multiple Strategies: Control your investment opportunities with multiple asset classes and strategies.


Access: Clients retain full access to the investment account at all times.


Where is my money held?

Your trading capital is held at a broker. A broker acts as a gateway to the trading market. You are required to open your own personal broker account to utilise our services. We utilise Axi Trader who are one of Australia’s largest foreign exchange derivatives brokers.

Your trading capital is held at a broker. You are required to open your own personal broker account to utilise our services, which we can help you setup, it’s very quick and simple indeed.

Visit our Getting Started section for a more detailed example of how this works.


What is the minimum starting capital?

The minimum is $5,000 per trading account. Those members who are new to trading often like to start with a smaller amount.

Opting to commence trading with a smaller amount is available with the minimum being $5,000 per trading account.

How do I deposit or withdraw from my broker account?

Options to deposit into your broker account include: Internet transfer, direct deposit or credit card. Withdrawal occurs to your nominated bank account.

Internet transfer, direct deposit or credit card are the options available to deposit into your broker account. Withdrawal occurs to your nominated bank account.

How do I check my account/track trading progress?

Most people choose to receive a daily statement via email. However, you can also watch the trading live if you choose. Speak to a senior consultant for more details.

You can keep up to date with your account and trading progress by watching the trading live or opting to receive statements via email. For further details or any other queries you may have simply speak to an AT Partnerships Senior Consultant.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes at any time, that’s why our clients love us! If you want to stop at any time, you just cancel (no fees apply). It’s an extra incentive for us to help you to succeed.

You have the option of canceling your subscription with no incurring fees at any time. This is often music to our client’s ears!

Can I use my Self-Managed Super to (SMF) to come on board via investments?

Yes. 60% of all our clients utilise their Super to invest with our company

Option A. Use your Self-Managed Super to invest


Option B. Find out from your Superannuation adviser if you can roll over your industry Super into a Self-Managed fund and invest a portion of your super into one of our investment options.

Option B: Get in contact with your Superannuation adviser to find out if you are eligible to roll over your Industry Super into a Self-Managed Fund. If this is an option available to you, you can then invest a portion of your super into one of our investment strategies.

Although we can’t advise you directly on this part we can point you in the right direction to assist you to establish a Self-Managed Super fund. Typically our Self-Managed Super Fund set up partner can do this in only 3 – 4 weeks (which is much quicker than traditional channels).

We work in alliance with a Self-Managed Super Fund set up partner. They are better equipped to assist you in establishing a Self-Managed Super Fund. Our Self-Managed Super Fund set up partner have been able in the past to do this in as little as 3-4 weeks, which is significantly quicker than traditional mediums.

At AT partnerships we have zero tolerance for scams – find out who we are and what we do and how we can help your money work for you.

AT Partnerships

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Buying Online – Choose Professionals For Your Home

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Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaning Professionals

Natural Carpet Cleaning Makes Your Home Safer

carpet cleaning in the Newcastle and surrounding areasWhen you choose to hire a carpet cleaning professional for the job, you have the option to select between dry extraction cleaning and steam cleaning. Both methods have their advantages and will be able to make dirty carpets look brand new.

Professionals have the best equipment for the job, and they also have the experience to remove all types of stains. It is important to read reviews on the company. You can also get the tips friends, neighbours and family members to find the right company. Prices for carpet cleaning services vary. This is why you should get quotes from various companies first before picking the right one.

Our Carpet Cleaning Guarantees to make your home cleaner and safer.”
The hot water extraction cleaning method is recommended by most specialised carpet manufacturers as the best and safest way to clean and care for your carpet. In order to protect your valuable investment regular carpet care will prolong the life of your carpet.
Studies have concluded that over 50% of homes contain dust mites and allergen levels that pose a significant risk for the development of allergies and Asthma thus regular cleaning will reduce these high levels dramatically, making your home safer and healthier for you and your family. Our deep hot water steam cleaning removes more harmful nasties than any other method.

New technology encapsulation carpet cleaning system can also be used as an effective way to clean and protect your carpet. This method is effective on curtain carpet fibres. A proper professional judgement by carpet cleaning technician will ensure your satisfaction in achieving the best results.
We also have the most up to date stain removal chemicals and equipment to remove stubborn stains like: red wine, cordials, ink, makeup, alcoholic beverages, oils, paint, blood, tea, coffee, rust and many more.
Our business is built on referrals so customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our is also fully insured for your piece of mind.